Kadala Payasam 1 Kg
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Kadala Payasam 1 Kg

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Parippu/kadala payasam is an authentic Kerala’s dessert which is widely cooked and served in festivals and many auspicious occasion. Parippu means “lentil” and payasam means “kheer (milk based pudding)” in Kerala. It is also called moong dal payasam or kheer. What makes this payasam different from other kheer or any milk based pudding is that it is based on coconut milk and jaggery syrup. In parippu payasam, first moong dal is cooked, then gradually simmered in jaggery syrup, thin and medium coconut milk and lastly a final flourish of thick coconut milk makes it so creamy and delicious. Cardamom and dry ginger powder aromatized the whole dish and makes it even better.


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