“To live and let live here’s representing Kerala’s traditional products”Kerala Thanima

Our Story

We a group of think alike have joined hands together for a dream venture of making people aware about the fact that the real treasure of life does not depend on securing the monetary condition of life but in concentrating in our good health which is the most precious and valued gift of God we have. We need to enrich this for our well-being by taking care of what we eat, how well we relax our body and mind. (Healthy lifestyle involves all good habits in life. … It means living with vigor, joy and zest for life. It is eating nutritious food, doing regular physical exercise, practicing good habits, having positive mental attitude, and trust in God.) “You have to dream before your dreams come true” as said by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, our dream is to blend the goodness of modernized practices and the essence from the past into something beneficial to the mankind. Our greatest desire is to free our beautiful state from the clutches of deadly business of unhygienic eateries and sow the seeds of a healthy generation.

why choose us?

Our main aim is to reach each one of you and give the best out of the tradition of Kerala without losing its purity.
Our vision and our promise note as we used to take in schools is to treat and take care of each one of you specially and aim to the betterment of society through the gift of nature from God.

Our Vision

Getting pure water, clean air, ample sunlight and unadulterated food are the foundation of our existence in this world. We are glad to introduce few products from the tradition of Kerala without compromising on its nutritious and medicinal values for leading a long and holistic healthy life. The happiness and the satisfaction that comes from deep within your heart is our greatest inspiration and blessing. Giving you the best from the gift of nature especially from our own land Kerala’s traditional products without losing its purity and essence. More than the profit it’s the quality that we value the most.

History of the company

As in early 90’s on the way heading to school and way back we used to taste a variety of fruits and vegetables directly from the bowl of nature which we believe is one of the main reason behind our health. The sumptuous evening steamed hot snacks and boiled pulses lovingly prepared by our grandmother still reminds of the mouthwatering memories.
But unfortunately we are pampering our young ones with pizzas, burgers and coke Pepsi which in turn is damaging their internal organs. And we are afraid by the time we realize our mistake it shouldn’t be to long affecting their future. We shouldn’t be too late and feel sorry for the unhealthy lifestyle which we have gifted them in return. It’s our responsibility to take care of the health of our families and our young ones. Let’s take this challenge, it’s in our hands to bring a change and create history.

Cooperate with us!

Don’t you want to lead a happy, healthy and stress free life? Then let’s join our hand together with Kerala Thanima for the wellbeing of our family, for the better tomorrow of our little ones, for the society and for the existence of the nature.
While you are enjoying the goodness of our products do share this noble idea of leading the beautiful life with others as well. And if you really care about others do send us your valuable suggestions and comments as feedback.